12.06.2017: The pictures of the last weekend (FlyIn Gelnhausen) are no available within the Gallery.

08.06.2017: We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend - DFS Habicht (powered by Zeitflügel) Fly In Gelnhausen.

                     Find the display schedule via the following link:


08.06.2017: By pushing the "Gallery"-button you can find some links to videos showing a few displays of the last airshow years.

06.06.2017: The pictures of the amazing airshow at La Ferté are online...see the gallery...

01.06.2017: Thanks to Patrick Piste for the wonderful video  ( showing the aerobatic glider

                     display of Nicolas Honnons (Member of the french glider aerobatic national team) with the MDM 1 FOX and the Habicht at the

                     Airexpo 2017 at Muret Lherm.

23.05.2017: Some impressions of an amazing event "Airexpo 2017" on the 20th of may can be found in the gallery right now.
                     Some Highlights: A350-1000, Rafale, CriCri take off from a car, Fouga Magister, ATR 600, Hawker Sea Fury,...
                     Thanks for the perfect organization mainly done by students of the ENAC university of Toulouse.

15.05.2017: The amazing display schedule of the airshow at La Ferté Alais on 3rd/4th of june is now online ... looking forward to a great show.


15.05.2017: Thanks for the ne autograph card:

                     - MD-Aviationmarketing ( for the Design

                     - Zeitflügel ( & ( for the Sponsoring.

03.05.2017: The third newsletter (including a presentation of the Habicht) of the airshow at La Ferté Alais (France) 03rd/04th of june is online...


03.05.2017: Just got the confirmation to be part of the airshow of Backnang-Völkleshofen on 08./09. July 2017.
                     We are looking forward to the event in a nice scenery north of Stuttgart.

02.05.2017: The VGC Germany Season Opening Event is finished. Beautiful saturday, windy sunday, rainy monday...
                     AND LOTS OF FUN :-) - refer to the pics...

27.04.2017: Habicht and Vespa ready for take off at the airfield...

25.04.2017: Vintage Glider Club Germany Season Opening at the gliding airfield of Altenbachtal (FSC Möve Obernau) on the upcoming

                     weekend (29.04. - 01.05.)  -  /

25.04.2017: Part of the aircrafts participating at the first airshow (Airexpo at Muret) of the Habicht is now online :-) 3 weeks to go...


28.03.2017: The second newsletter of the airshow at La Ferté Alais (France) is online...


20.03.2017: The first newsletter of the airshow at La Ferté Alais (France) is online...


15.03.2017: The hangar party at Obernau/Altenbachtal will take place again in 2017. The aeroclub of FSC Möve Obernau welcomes the guests

                     from 19th until 21st of august.

02.03.2017: Winterword just begins... pictures will be updated from time to time within the gallery...

22.02.2017: Today we received another airshow confirmation - 26th/27th of august 2017 at Neu-Anspach

09.02.2017: After 5 years it will be a Habicht display at the airshow of Auerbach at 17./18.06. 2017 again.

08.02.2017: Today we got another airshow confirmation in France. The Meeting Aérien 2017 at La Ferté Alais tooks

                     place the 45th time on 03rd until 04th of june 2017. We are proud to be part of the show again.

13.01.2017: Today we got the confirmation of a very special event in France south of Toulouse at Muret

                     airport. The "Airexpo 2017" is on and the Habicht will be part of it - we are looking forward to the


01.01.2017: We hope you had a relaxing christmas time with your family and a great new year's party!? We 

                     wish you an accident free und successful year 2017 and hope to meet you somewhere and  


21.12.2016: New Event in 2017: VGC Rally Opening at the Altenbachtal airfield 29.04. - 01.05.2017.

02.12.2016: Airshow / Igo Etrich Meeting location changed from "Ried" in Austria to "Zell am See" in Austria 11th - 13th of August 2017

16.11.2016: The new designed Habicht website is online... have fun