05.07.2019: An amazing video (high resolution, blue sky, red smoke) of the Habicht display flight of last weekend at Würzburg was published.

05.09.2017: Thanks to Eric Mercier for this very professional video including music of both Habicht displays at the airshow of La Ferté Alais this


24.08.2017: Thanks to Gitti Feik. A video of the 2 display flights with owning cameras at Zell am See 2017can be found on youtube; 


20.05.2017: Thanks to Patrick Piotte for the wonderful video  ( showing the aerobatic

                     glider display of Nicolas Honnons (Member of the french glider aerobatic national team) with the MDM 1 FOX and the

                     Habicht at the Airexpo 2017 at Muret Lherm.

19.06.2016: Thanks for this wonderful video and lovely music of the Habicht display at the Fly In at Gelnhausen in 2016;

XX.07.2013: Onboard (onwing ;-) ) video of the habicht display at Jämijärvi (Finnland) in 2013.


XX.09.2011: Thanks to Stefan Lahm for this habicht video of the display flight at the Hahnweide in 2011.


01.08.2010: Here we go with a video of the habicht display at the airshow at Old Warden (England; Shuttleworth Collection) in 2010.


XX.07.2010: A video of the habicht display at Jämijärvi (Finnland) in 2010.