Airshows & Events


18th/19th of May: Open Door at Oerlinghausen (thanks for the great Habicht pictures to Jürgen Weber):

25th of April: Winter maintenance done...


27th of August: Aerotow to SFG Bensheim

16th/17th of June: Airshow Leszno (Poland)

10th/11th of June: Airshow (Flugplatzkerb) Gelnhausen

06th of April: Winterwork nearly completed - Trailer polishing to be done in the next days


02nd/03rd of July: Airshow Auerbach

12th of June: Airshow St. Michaelisdonn


28th/29th of May: Air to Air Foto Event Itzehoe - Thanks to the professional photographers Tobias Barth and Torsten Ruppert :-)


No airshows in 2020 - BUT a lot of fun aero tow formations like sunrise flights, long distance aero tows (1020km nonstop), low pass Frankfurt International airport... refer to the following impressions: (Thanks for the pictures to Paul Schreck, Manfred Poznanski, Axel Bauer, Stefan Schreyer)

17th of july: Airworthiness Review by our inspector


14th - 15th of september 2019: Airshow at the Hahnweide (Vintage Aircraft Meeting)

01st - 05th of august 2019: Airshow Old Warden and VGC Meeting Tibenham (England)

25th - 29th of july 2019: Airshow Mogadouro (Portugal) including Road Trip


29th/30th of june 2019: Airshow Würzburg

23rd of june 2019: "Tag der offenen Tür" - airfield of Vielbrunn

8th - 9th of june 2019: Airshow of La Ferté Alais

21st of november 2018: Annual base maintenance just started...

07th - 09th of september 2018: Day of the open monument  - Wasserkuppe - 3ea Habicht

07th - 09th of september 2018: 3ea Habicht at the Wasserkuppe - Photos by Peter Bauer - THANKS

07th - 9th of september 2018: Day of the  open monument - Wasserkuppe - 3ea Habicht


25th/26th of august 2018: Airshow at Ober-Mörlen

13th of july 2018: Fit-Check of the new canopy cover by clouddancers - PERFECT

13th of july 2018: Airworthiness Review Inspection without findings

28th - 29th of april 2018: Vintage Gliding Club German Section Season Opening Altenbachtal (FSC Möve Obernau)

20th of november 2017: Installation of the new transceiver KRT 2 (8,33kHz) by TQ-Avionics

26th - 27th of august 2017: 60 Years Airfield of Neu-Anspach (Taunus)

19th - 21st of august 2017: Hangar Party Altenbachtal

11th - 13th of august 2017: Igo Etrich Meeting Zell am See (Austria)

03rd - 11th of august 2017: Vintage Glider Club Rallye Dunaujvaros (Hungary)

16th of july 2017: Weight and Balance Check (every 4 years)

08th - 09th of july 2017: Airshow Backnang-Völkleshofen

01st - 2nd of july 2017: Airshow Coburg

17th - 18th of june 2017: Airshow Auerbach

10th - 11th of june 2017: FlyIn Gelnhausen

03rd - 04th of june 2017: La Ferté Alais "Le Temps de Helices"

20th of may 2017: Habicht at Airexpo 2017 at the airfield of Muret Lherm south of Toulouse (France)

29th of april - 1st of may 2017: VGC Germany Season Opening at FSC Möve Obernau Aeroclub

02.03. ...: Winterwork 2017

09.-11. September 2016: Vintage Aircraft Meeting Hahnweide 

03.-04. September 2016: Private-Event Wedding Flight Mauterndorf (Österreich)

27.-28. August 2016: Airshow Ober-Mörlen 

20.-21. August 2016: Hangar Party Altenbachtal (FSC Möve Obernau) 

18.-19. Juni 2016: FlyIn Gelnhausen